3 Quick Tips to Parent with Confidence

Being a parent is hard!

If it’s not the practical demands of life with kids, it’s the endless emotional and mental demands that can wear a mama down.

Being the mom you want to be, staying calm and feeling confident in your actions can feel overwhelming, and sometimes near impossible.

Like, “Just get me out of here. I give up!”

But being a mom shouldn’t have to feel so defeating. You deserve to take pleasure in the fleeting moments with your growing kids and enjoy motherhood.

Here are 3 easy ways to parent with confidence so you can start feeling calmer, more in control and self assured in your day to day interactions with your kids.

1. Let your shortcomings be your motivation, not your downfall.

No one is perfect and nor will we ever be. We will fail and falter. The key isn’t to try to reach perfection, but to take responsibility for the times that we don’t, and commit to the work to understand ourselves and our actions.

2. Celebrate your wins

What’s a win if it’s drowned out by self-criticism. Like when you succeed to NOT lose it on your kids but then immediately, almost automatically, go to thinking of all the times you HAVE lost it on your kids. Give yourself permission to believe in yourself.

3. Ask for help

It doesn’t matter who you ask, or for what. Whether it be your partner, a parent, a neighbor, or a friend, practice asking for, and accepting support. When we open ourselves up to receiving support from others, we open ourselves up to getting what we need so that we can give all that we want to give to our kids.

When we commit to being the best we can be, acknowledge and celebrate our value and connect with others and receive support , we are on a sure-fire path to calmly and confidently handle the challenges life with kids throws us.

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I’m a psychologist, parenting coach, and a mother of 4, and I teach moms how to regain their sense of calm and control so they can feel confident raising content, capable and considerate kids.

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