4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Feel Happier

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When life’s got you down and you need a quick pick me up, there are four things you can do that will instantly make you feel more at ease and hopeful.

They’re not a quick fix to your problems, but they can get you through those moments in life when things seem grim and hopeless.

1- Write in a journal

It seems so simple, but writing down your thoughts and feelings is a quick, easy and cheap exercise that has so many benefits. Taking a few moments each day to freely jot down your thoughts (without editing!) helps you gain more clarity about confusing situations and unlocks unexpected solutions. Writing in a journal also allows you to release strong emotions, feel calmer and get in touch with yourself. And over time, writing in a journal can help you track thought and behavior patterns so you can see have written proof of your improvement and growth over time.

2- Take time for yourself and self-care

Sometimes when you feel stressed, irritable or stale, it’s a sign that you’re overworked and under cared for and you have needs that are not being me. When you’re in this state of mind, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your needs by asking yourself what you need and providing it for yourself.

Sometimes you may need practical support like a day off work or cleaning help. But often times what you need is the emotional support and comfort of someone close to you. You need to feel heard and understood, comforted and encouraged.

So when you’re feeling down, ask yourself what you need and if you can’t provide it for yourself, you may find great relief reaching out to someone else for support.

3- Reach out and connect to someone you love

I mentioned above reaching out to get the support and encouragement you need when you feel overwhelmed and down. But here I want to recommend that you reach out and connect with someone you love and care about for another purpose.

Because so often we can get stuck in our gloomy state of mind and it seems as though there is no other reality but our own suffering. So here I suggest you think of a friend or family member, and reach out to them and with genuine curiosity, ask them how they are doing.

Sure, you may not be doing great now, but it’s helpful to be reminded that your own suffering is not the only reality. And it can bring you great comfort and encouragement to know that, despite your struggles, you are important to someone else. That the people in your life value you and need you too.

4- Take a walk

Nobody likes to be told to exercise, especially me, so don’t mistake this for a recommendation to take to the gym. No. What I suggest you do when you’re feeling down and stuck, and you’re thinking there’s no hope for any change, is to stop what you’re doing and throw yourself out the door to take a walk around your block.

Not only will the change of scenery and the movement in your body help shift your perspective, but a brief tryst with nature and some deep breaths of fresh air will help you get out of your own head and re-connect to the bigger picture of creation.

But sometimes, no matter what you try to do to remedy your struggles, sometimes the help you need is in the form of a trained and experienced professional who can understand your struggle, and offer directed guidance, so you can regain your sense of balance and manage the challenges of life. 

In which ever form it takes, acknowledging your struggle and making strides toward relief isn’t always easy, but, ultimately, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to the risk of change may just be what it takes to gain the highest return. 

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