Kids pushing your buttons...again?

Learn how to keep your cool & respond effectively —

without losing your $#*% sight of what matters most.

Introducing Parent with Confidence. The psychologist-developed, on-demand course where you’ll learn a proven 5-Step Framework to help you stay calm through the daily challenges that are parenting. And even enjoy the ride.


Hi, I’m Liba

Psychologist. Parenting expert. Perfect mom of 4. (Yeah right!) 

Since 2010, I’ve supported hundreds of hair-pulling parents through my courses, programs, private practice, and Facebook group. I’ve given them the skills they need to STOP feeling like they’re “losing” the parenting battle and START focusing on nurturing happy, thriving kids. I can’t wait to help you do the same!

Signature trait: Authenticity.

Signature value: Accountability, served up with heaping portions of compassion.

Signature motto: “You’re not alone.”

“The improvement in my parenting has been night and day”

Since taking the course, the improvement in my parenting has been night and day. I’m no longer that stressed out and anxious mom. I no longer lose my sh*t on my kids. I can see when it’s beginning to happen and take a step back. I react differently now to my children than I used to. I enjoy being with them and it no longer feels like a burden.

— L.S. Mother of 3

Somethin’ just ain’t working

Your kids know it. Your partner knows it. You know it.

And ignoring it doesn’t help. (Oh, how you’ve tried!)

Despite your good intentions — and your attempts at all the best parenting tips and tricks — the same old ugly patterns keep coming back.

Ready for a #truthbomb?

You already have what it takes to be the parent you want to be.

But as long as you’re keeping to your old habits, your patterns will stay the same.

It might take some skill-building and a good, hard look inward. But you’ve got what it takes to build loving and lasting relationships with your kids. 

And you’ve come to the right place.

Hop off the hamster wheel


•  Stop yelling, screaming, and blowing smoke out of your ears.

•  Stop checking out because your kids have pushed you to your limit.

•  Stop auto-reacting to the Same. Stinking. Triggers. Over and over again.

•  Start parenting in a way that’s present, compassionate, and — wait for it — joyful!

The skills you need, on your own time

You’re busy. I get it. That’s why I’ve designed this course so you learn my proven 5-Step Framework 100% at your own pace.

On-demand access to:

  • 7 value-packed modules
  • 19 bite-sized video lessons (3 hours total)
  • 8 accountability emails
  • 1 actionable workbook 
  • 2 enriching bonuses 
  • 1 supportive Facebook community

Take a peek inside the course!

What do 5 steps give you? A whole lot!

The 5-Step Framework you’ll learn in the Parent with Confidence course is anything BUT the same old quick-fix promise. It’s a tried and true guide to becoming calmer and more present in your daily interactions, no matter your personality or parenting style. Because when you’re clear-headed and self-aware, you have the foundation for building solid, healthy relationships with your kids.

Reframe your understanding of  yourself, your kids, and your role as a parent.

Feel less stuck and more at ease when you don’t know what to do.

Make conscious and thoughtful parenting decisions, even on the fly.

Catch yourself before you react.

Set clear and consistent boundaries for your child’s behavior.

Acknowledge and embrace your own wants, wishes, and needs.

Manage various mental and emotional states — yours and your child’s.

Apply the framework and get support from our Facebook community.

“I react better — and enjoy my kids more”

I learned how to set appropriate boundaries and foster healthy and close relationships with my kids. I now have a better understanding of how my personal issues can cloud my experience with my kids, which has allowed me to react more effectively to my kids and enjoy them more. 

— Shira, Mother of 5

Watch. Explore. Connect. Repeat.

How do you get the most out of the Parent with Confidence course? By working through the modules in order, doing all the exercises, and engaging with the community. Of course, you’re free to jump around any which way you like, and that’s cool, but you certainly won’t get as much out of it. And that’s a (damn) shame.

number 1 in a circle


the video content for the lesson

number 2 in a circle


the new skill or idea using the workbook

number 3 in a circle


with the members of the Facebook group

number 4 in a circle


steps 1-3 until you reach the finish line!

And then the most important part — ENJOY being a calmer, more confident parent!

“This course is my lifeboat!”

I am so grateful this course exists. There are so many overwhelming moments in parenting where you feel that you're drowning and there is no lifeboat in sight. This course and Liba's wisdom are that lifeboat! Liba provides such a clear framework for becoming the parent you dream to be. And she does it in such a supportive, encouraging, and inspiring way.

— Lilly Stern, Mother of 2

Max support. Zero pressure.

You might be working through this course on your own, but you’re definitely not alone. The Motherhood in the Making Facebook group is your place to check in, get your questions answered (by me or other members of the group), and connect with like-minded moms. Think of it as your virtual cheerleading squad. 

Parenting Course

It's yours right now for $497

(Less than the price of a single session!)

For the first time in over a decade, I'm offering you access to the exact same tools we'd be learning in the therapy room for less than the price of a single private session — JUST 497 NIL


What you’ll get


Course Noa


Workbook Noa


Facebook Group Noa

Plus 2 bonus classes


3 Types of consequences and when to use ‘em

bonus1 transparent Noa


”How do I know I’m getting it right for my kid?”

bonus2 transparent

When you have the 5-Step Framework under your belt, you have


for improving your daily interactions and building lifelong relationships


 for making sense of the chaos and enjoying the calm


for reframing your understanding of yourself and your kids


Not sure? No problem.

30 days white

I believe so strongly in the Parent with Confidence course that I offer a 30-day full money back guarantee.

That means if you don’t see improvement in your parenting after completing all the modules and worksheets, I’ll give you a full refund on your purchase.

No risk. No worries. No brainer.

“Liba helps you be the mom you want to be”

Liba gives you the tools to begin answering the tough questions and get to the bottom of why you respond the way you do when you become overwhelmed with motherhood. Ultimately, she helps you find and develop strategies to be the mom you want to be.

— Chana, Mother of 5

Yes, this course is for dads too

Plus answers to all your other burning questions

I’m skeptical. I know it takes more than one course to make a change. How do I know it’ll really work?

I’m the first to tell you that the framework is not magic. It will not eliminate the challenges of life with kids nor remove normal day-to-day child behaviors. What it will do is help you: 

  • navigate those challenges with more calm and confidence
  • gain insight into your child's behavior, so you can nurture and promote their development
  • manage your big emotions so you can consciously respond to your kids, instead of reacting automatically

And BTW, I love skeptics.

Is this course relevant for dads? The Facebook group looks like it’s just for moms.

The short answer is yes, this course is for both dads and moms. 

The Motherhood in the Making Facebook group is only for moms, but all the other elements — the course modules, workbook, and bonuses — are equally suitable for both. 

But hey, if you’re interested in a separate dad’s group, drop me a line. I always try to work around what the people want!

Can I share this course with my partner? Do we have to pay twice?

You can absolutely share the course with your partner. No need to pay twice. In fact, I highly recommend that you share it with your partner!

Until when will I have access to the course?

As long as the course lives online, you will have access to it. That includes all future updates.

I want to either do the course or private coaching with you. Which should I do first?

The course. Here’s why:

  1. This course is a prerequisite for private coaching with me.
  2.  If you do go on to purchase a coaching package, you will be refunded the cost of this course.
Will this course help me address deeper psychological needs?

No. This course is designed to address typical, everyday parenting challenges. If you or your child has deeper psychological needs, this course is not the solution (though it can be a good supplement).

What other currencies can I pay in?

When you hit the signup button, you’ll be taken to Paypal where you can pay in the currency of your choice.

Is the course refundable?

Yes!! If you don’t feel your parenting has improved after completing the course, I’ll fully refund your purchase. 


  1. I’ll need to see some proof that you did it (a completed workbook).
  2. The request needs to be made within 30 days of your purchase.

Still got questions?

Liba circle mug a

I’ve got answers!

You’ll hear back from me within 48 business hours (or less)

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