Feel Calmer, Build Better Relationships and Enjoy Life With Kids

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“This membership is my lifeboat!”

I am so grateful this membership exists. There are so many overwhelming moments in parenting where you feel that you're drowning and there is no lifeboat in sight. This course and Liba's wisdom are that lifeboat! Liba provides such a clear framework for becoming the parent you dream to be. And she does it in such a supportive, encouraging, and inspiring way.

— Lilly Stern, Mother of 2

You've tried it all

Parenting books? Check. Discipline courses? Double check. Vodka tonics? Check check check!!! 

And yet somehow, you’re still ending the day feeling lost, alone and bulldozed by your kids’ tantrums, demands, and emotional outbursts.

You may even find yourself stewing in some pretty dark stuff — overwhelm, guilt, shame — and losing it more often than you (+ your kids) would like.

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You could keep trying to get through the day with...

Outdated and unreliable behaviour techniques that never last

Exerting your authority, only to feel drained and disconnected

Trying yet another method that inevitably falls flat

Another dose of denial, and pretend everything is okay (as long as the neighbors don't hear)

Or you could join the Parent with Confidence Membership and....

Reframe your understanding of  yourself, your kids, and your role as a parent.

Feel less stuck and more at ease when you don’t know what to do.

Make conscious and thoughtful parenting decisions, even on the fly.

Catch yourself before you react.

Set clear and consistent boundaries for your child’s behavior.

Acknowledge and embrace your own wants, wishes, and needs.

Manage various mental and emotional states — yours and your child’s.

Apply the framework and get support from our Facebook community.

I'll be honest with you....

None of this happens by chance

I spent years trying to hack it alone.

By the time my fourth kid was born, it was impossible to ignore that I was struggling.

  • I didn’t have anywhere to turn
  • I was afraid of being misunderstood and judged
  • I felt like no one could properly support or guide me

Nothing changed until I stopped trying to figure out what to do....

And started to focus on building better relationships with myself, and my kids

Now I'm less reactive to  my kids' behavior, even when I'm exhausted.

I'm less critical, and more compassionate, towards myself AND my kids.

I feel less overwhelmed by the daily demands of life with kids and more confident in my parenting choices.

I even noticed my kids become more cooperative, playful and loving.

Today, I take pride in my relationships with my kids.

I feel present and connected and, even when things get crazy, I am confident I’m doing a good job.

And I'm not the only one.

The women I have the honor of supporting on their journey of discovery, repair, growth and connection report the same experience... and it's amazing to witness.

Is the road to confident, connected parenting long and bumpy? Sure.

Messy? Indeed.

But you don't have to wing it alone!


The Confidence Path

The psychologist-developed, clinically-proven 5-Step Framework to help you stay calm through the daily challenges that are parenting. And even enjoy the ride.


Stop reacting and regain your calm


Figure out what's really going on under the surface


Step in to the mind of your child so you can support their unique development


Set healthy boundaries that work and nurture meaningful relationships


Enjoy life with kids!

You'll find it all here...


The Parent with Confidence Membership

Feel Calmer, Build Better Relationships and Enjoy Life With Kids


for improving your daily interactions and building lifelong relationships


for encouragement, solidarity and reinforcement


for individualized support to reframe your understanding of yourself and your kids

"I can face the day-to-day challenges of life”

I first contacted Liba because I was feeling very overwhelmed with the demands of life raising four boys, some of whom have special needs. Liba created a safe and nurturing space that made it possible for me to identify and better understand what was behind my day-to-day struggles in all areas of my life, including life with kids. Now I feel more self-assured and able to face the day-to-day challenges of life better.

— Nechama, Mother of 4 (boys)

Here's what's included in The Parent with Confidence Membership

The membership is not about quick fixes. It’s about considering new ways of understanding, responding and relating to your kids. You’ll get there through a combination of personal practice, group support, and direct guidance from moi.

What you get when you become a member:

  • 7 value-packed modules
  • 19 bite-sized video lessons (3 hours total)
  • 1 actionable workbook 
  • 2 enriching bonuses 
  • 1 LIVE group Q+A call with me every month
  • Full access to all recordings
  • Weekly accountability emails delivered to your inbox
  • 1 Focused monthly exercise to move you toward your parenting vision
  • 1 insanely supportive Facebook community

Here's how The Parent with Confidence Membership works

The Parent with Confidence Membership is built on the foundation of four key elements.

number 1 in a circle


 Access The Confidence Path and move through the 5 Step Framework

number 2 in a circle


With the members of the Facebook group for questions, support and accountability

number 3 in a circle


Put it in your calendar and join me every month for our community Q+A call. 

number 4 in a circle


Count on email summaries, updates and membership news

And then the most important part — ENJOY being a calmer, more confident parent!

You’ll come away with the skills to

Respond thoughtfully to your kids

Figure out what’s going on in your kid’s head

Stop your knee-jerk reactions

Feel more self-aware and in control

Be more present & patient

Tackle guilt, self-judgment & criticism

Identify hidden beliefs & expectations

Turn your day-to-day struggles into opportunities

Repair ruptures when things don’t go right

Manage big emotions, yours and theirs

Nurture loving, lasting relationships

Take joy in these fleeting childhood years

The Parent with Confidence Membership is perfect for you if...

You're a mom with kids aged 3-12, you value your relationships and don't want to screw up your kids

“My parenting and relationships with my kids are okay, but definitely not what they could be.”

“I’m tired of flipping my freaking lid! All I know is something needs to change. And I'm tired of trying to figure it out on my own!”

“I worry so much about how my kids will turn out but I'm stuck in old patterns and need help to consider new ways of relating

Can't I just do it on my own?

You're a smart, capable woman who can do anything that she puts her mind to. In fact, you've been going solo for a while, but you're tired of carrying the load single-handedly.

Just imagine how good it will feel to have:

  • A clearly defined path to feel more confident and fulfilled in life with kids
  • Personalized guidance from a Psychologist and mom (that's me!)
  • A group of caring and compassionate moms on the same journey

After all, life with kids is intended as a team sport!

How will the Parent with Confidence Membership get me from surviving to thriving in life with kids?

(how does it actually work, Liba?)

When you join the Parent with Confidence Membership, you'll get access to The Confidence Path - a 7 module digital course with 19 short video lessons.

You'll also get access to The Parent with Confidence Members Only Facebook group. That's the hub of the membership where you'll find all the links, recordings and updates.

As you move through The Confidence Path, you'll be able to pop into the Members Only Facebook group to ask your questions, and offer your support to other members.

Every two weeks there will also be a LIVE Q+A streamed to the Members Only Facebook group. You'll get access to join me personally in Zoom or watch and comment from the Facebook group.

In addition, you will also get access to one Expert Interview per month so in addition to learning how to keep your cool and build better relationships with your kids, you'll learn from leading experts in the fields of child development, mental health and well-being.

Parenting Course

Is this membership going to overwhelm me even more!?

You're busy. I get it! That's why I designed the Parent with Confidence Membership to blend in with your schedule.

Every week you'll receive an accountability email to your inbox summarizing the week's events so you can stay up to date, and stay on track, even when life throws you off course.

But first: when you join the Parent with Confidence Membership, you'll receive a series of short emails to get you settled.

Once you've taken your seat and buckled up, you'll be all set to enjoy the ride at your own pace. 

Choose your Membership Track

There's more than one way to utilize everything the Parent with Confidence Membership has to offer.

number 1 in a circle


Hang out on the side lines and benefit from the constant stream of inspiration. Just knowing that me and the membership community are here for you when you're in need of some guidance, encouragement and support is enough to keep you on track.

number 2 in a circle


You're along for the ride! You open the weekly emails, dip into the content of The Confidence Path and pop into the Facebook group to connect on a regular basis.

number 3 in a circle


You're in the driver's seat and on the fast track to getting a handle on your automatic reactions and building better relationships with your kids. You are opening weekly emails and staying up to date with the community. You've scheduled time in your calendar to take small bites out of The Confidence Path, one lesson at a time. You're asking questions and getting answers. And most of all, you're seeing big changes in your day-to-day interactions with your kids - and it feels so good!

It's NOT one way or the highway!

Enjoy Life with Kids in Just One Episode of Seinfeld a Week

No matter which track you're on, the Parent with Confidence Membership is here to support you on your journey to reach your destination - feeling calmer, more in control and confident that you're doing a good job raising your kids and nurturing loving and lasting relationships.

“I react better — and enjoy my kids more”

Liba’s program gave me a better understanding of how to set appropriate boundaries and foster healthy and close relationships with my kids. I now have a better understanding of how my personal issues can cloud my experience with my kids, which has allowed me to react more effectively to my kids and enjoy them more. Plus the support and validation from Liba and the other moms in the group was invaluable. I highly recommend this program”.

— Shira, Mother of 5

Where do I sign up?

Start building better relationships now for only $27 a month

Click on the button below, and grab your spot for less than the price of a family pizza night. 


Not sure? No problem.

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I believe so strongly in the Parent with Confidence Membership that I offer a 7-day free trial.

That means that you have an entire week to check out the Confidence Path, connect with me and try the membership on for size. If you decide that the membership is not for you, you can cancel your membership and not pay a cent.

No risk. No worries. No brainer.

Once I register, what happens next?

As soon as you clicked that button below and register, you will be instantly redirected to the registration page for The Confidence Path. You'll enter your email address and select a personal password and voila- you're in and off to the races.

Next, head on over to your inbox where you will receive a series of emails from me over the coming days to help you get settled in.

Most importantly, you'll get access and welcomed into the Parent with Confidence Members Only Facebook group.

If at any time you feel lost, or have a question, just pop into the group, or hit reply to any one of my emails to you, I'm here to help! 

Liba, you sound cool, but who the heck are ya?

Liba circle transparent5

Well, I'm glad you asked!

I’m Liba Lurie — psychologist, parenting expert, and mother of four. I’ve spent the past 11 years cleaning up parents’ messes in the therapy room, and the past 8 years teaching moms how to prevent making those messes in the first place! 

I give moms the tools they need to build loving and lasting connections that nurture the development of content, capable, and considerate kids. 

Oh, and I’ve spent the past 13 years keeping my own kids alive. (And well.)

Frequently Asked Qs

I don't have a lot of free time. How much time do I need to commit to the membership?

The Parent with Confidence Membership is designed to support you in your busy life with kids, not add more to the overwhelm. You can put in as much, or as little, time as you would like, and still benefit big time from your membership. My suggestion is to decide how much time you would like to put into the membership, put it in your calendar and enjoy the benefits!

I can't make it to the LIVE sessions, should I still join?

Yes! You will get access to the recording to watch at your leisure. Plus, there's so much more to gain from the memership including guidance, accountability and support from me and the membership community. 

Can my parenting partner join the membership?

While the exclusive Facebook group is for moms only, you are welcome, and even encouraged to share the content with your parenting partner.

Believe me, I’ve tried different techniques. I’m good for a while but it doesn’t last. How do I know this membership will help me make really lasting change?

You’re a smart lady, you don’t want quick-fixes. And I don’t either.  I’m NOT offering band-aid solutions that last 5 minutes. In this membership, you’ll get deep mindset shifts and a new framework to practice day in and day out that, with time, will rewrite your relationship with yourself, and your kids, but it doesn't just happen. You will get out what you put in.

Are you saying that you’ll turn me from a mad mommy to a cool cucumber?

No. There’s no magic parenting-wand, and I’m not the fairy godmother. But you will walk away with greater awareness, an improved mindset, and a proven framework to practice (and boy do kids give you a chance to practice). Over time, you’ll find yourself nurturing healthier relationships — with yourself and your children — and, yes, facing the day with greater ease, confidence, and calm.

Can I talk to someone who’s in the membership already?

Sure, contact me and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with current members.

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