Feeling frustrated and drained?

Want to keep your cool and respond thoughtfully to your kids?

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Feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?

  • You want to stay calm but can't seem to control your knee jerk reactions.
  • You know you need to respond, but your not quite sure what to do.
  • You want more structure and consistency in your day-to-day with kids, but you're not sure how to go about creating clear and consistent boundaries.

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  • A whole new way to understand boundaries and discipline so that you can keep calm and create a clear and consistent boundary without compromising on your sense of control.
  • The secret to raising content, considerate and capable kids.
  • What you need to know to turn your day-to-day interactions into opportunities to nurture your kids' growth and development.
  • A complete overview of the 3 Step Framework to Set Boundaries That Work
  • How to balance your needs with your kids' constant emotional and practical needs.

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Hi there, I'm Liba,

I'm a psychologist, parenting coach and mother of 4, and I help moms figure out what's really going on for them so they can regain their sense of calm, control and confidence in their day to day interactions raising content, capable and considerate kids.

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