Sibling Rivalry Resolved

Want to learn how to help your kids get along better so you can spend less time breaking up fights and more time enjoying your kids?

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In this LIVE workshop, I'm going to teach you:

A clinically proven approach to calmly tackle your kids' squabbles in just 5 steps (no matter their ages).

A step-by-step guide to mediate your kids' conflicts, so everyone feels heard and understood.

How to nurture your kids' connection to one another, so you can enjoy them more (and some peace and quiet too!).


--> The psychology behind why your kids fight over who gets the blue bowl, and what to say to instantly calm the storm.

--> How to keep your automatic reactions under wraps, so you can keep your cool, and calmly and consciouly intervene.

--> How to stave off competition before it takes over.

-->The benefits (yup,benefits!) of sibling rivalry and when you should stay out of it.

-->The tell-tale signs that it's time to step in

-->A 5 step-by-step guide to successfully coach your kids amidst their conflicts so they can learn to get along better and build better relationships.

--> Access to the 90 minute workshop (recorded LIVE)

--> Lifetime access to the complete workshop recording

-->Access to the Q+A where all the BIG questions get answered.

--> BONUS: A printable PDF copy of the 7 Step Guide to Coach Your Kids' Rivalry

--> BONUS: A pritable PDF copy of my Values Cheat Sheet to help you know when draw the line in the sand when things get out of hand.


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"Liba, you sound cool...but who are ya?"

I’m Liba Lurie — psychologist, parenting expert, and mother of four. I’ve spent the past 11 years cleaning up parents’ messes in the therapy room, and the past 8 years teaching moms how to prevent making those messes in the first place! 

I give moms the tools they need to build loving and lasting connections that nurture the development of content, capable, and considerate kids. 

Oh, and I’ve spent the past 13 years keeping my own kids alive. (And well.)

Grab your spot for just 47 NIS

 (that's less than $15 USD for my friends abroad)

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