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Do You Feel Lost and Overwhelmed by Life with Kids?

  • Do get triggered by your kids behavior?
  • Do you react to your kids instead of responding?
  • Do you feel impatient and irritated by your kids?
  • Are you scared that you're causing lasting effects on your kids development?
  • Do you feel embarrassed, guilty or ashamed of your reactions to your kids?
  • Are you worried that your experience being parented is impacting your parenting today?

"Liba gives you the tools to begin answering the tough questions and get to the bottom of why you respond the way you do when you become overwhelmed with motherhood, and ultimately, she helps you find and develop strategies to be the mom you want to be. "

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When I became a mom I felt lost and overwhelmed. There was nothing more I wanted than to be a calm, sensitive and loving parent, but I couldn't get a handle on my knee jerk reactions and respond the way I knew I should. Then I embarked on a journey to figure out what's really going on so I can respond thoughtfully to my kids and feel confident that I'm raising them to thrive.

With over a decade of experience in private practice helping moms explore and understand their emotional struggles and automatic reactions, I provide moms with the guidance and support they need to move from a state of chaos and confusion to a state of calm, control and confidence in life with kids.

"Liba teaches you techniques to get in touch with yourself, and your reactions so that you can be better equipped to handle the challenges of parenting."

"I first contacted Liba because I was feeling very overwhelmed with the demands of life raising four boys, some of whom have special needs. Liba created a safe and nurturing space that made it possible for me to identify and better understand what was behind my day to day struggles in all areas of my life, including life with kids. Now I feel more self-assured and able to face the day to day challenges of life better."

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What You Get When You Work With Me One-on-One

  • 3 Months of Support
  • Learn To Catch Yourself Before You Lose It
  • Full Access to All of My Online Courses
  • Twelve 60 Minute Weekly Meetings
  • Become Calm & Centered
  • Make Better Day To Day Decisions With Your Kids
  • Full Access to My Vault of Class Recordings
  • Between Session Support Via Email
  • Set Boundaries That Work

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How often do you wish you didn't feel so overwhelmed and out of control? How many opportunities of growth and connection are you missing out on? How much do your kids mean to you? What is your relationship with them worth? What would you give to raise content and considerate kids? A lack of understanding and the right tools might be costing you your most valuable asset.

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