Taming Tantrums

Mini- Course

Learn to stave off mamoth meltdowns, keep your cool & put out the flames when $#!+ hits the fan. 

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Here's what we're going to cover:

Why your kid's lose their cool, and what you can do to avert the storm

How to keep calm amidst the chaos of your kid's behavior

How to handle power struggles

Learn when to let things go, and when to draw the line.

"It was incredible, I'm planning on rewatching it myself, and then again with my husband!"

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Here's what you get when you buy the mini-course:

"Out Smarting" Out of Control Outbursts

How to Ride The Waves When The Storms Hit

How to Put Out The Fires When They Rage

Recorded Q+A Sessions

BONUS LESSON + WORKSHEET: 4 Steps to Regain Your Calm and Respond Consciously to Your Kids

"I really enjoyed and you really have amazing tools!"

"Liba, you sound cool...but who are ya?"

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I’m Liba Lurie — psychologist, parenting expert, and mother of four. I’ve spent the past 11 years cleaning up parents’ messes in the therapy room, and the past 8 years teaching moms how to prevent making those messes in the first place! 

I give moms the tools they need to build loving and lasting connections that nurture the development of content, capable, and considerate kids. 

Oh, and I’ve spent the past 13 years keeping my own kids alive. (And well.)

"My morning went a lot easier. I felt more in control of myself and didn't feel I was about to lose it every second."

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