Who Really Matters, and The Healing Process

Very often, by the time someone reaches out to me for help, they are in crisis and need life to be different as of yesterday. Of course, at this point, it’s even harder to acknowledge and accept that change doesn’t happen overnight, but rather that it’s a process.

In this video, I challenge the common adage “You can’t fill another’s cup unless you fill your first”.

I also talk about the process of change: Sometimes (well, always actually) it can feel super scary and insurmountable, but I also share an analogy that will hopefully encourage you to move forward in your process to feeling at peace and satisfied in life.

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Liba Lurie

Hey there, I'm Liba

I’m a psychologist, parenting coach, and a mother of 4, and I teach moms how to regain their sense of calm and control so they can feel confident raising content, capable and considerate kids.

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