“Being a mom is super!”

Said no mother in the 21st century. At least none I’ve ever worked with.

I’m Liba. I help REAL moms with REAL struggles become calmer, more confident parents.

No commitment. Promise.


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Let me guess...

You’re stressed, drained, underslept, and overstuffed with questionable-quality chocolate. But there’s more to it than that. You know your relationships aren’t what they could be. Your home isn’t what you’d dreamed it would be. And YOU aren’t the mom you always wanted to be.

talk bubbles My own mother
talk bubbles Full time
talk bubbles So difficult
talk bubbles Messing up

You’ll get around to making a change...

It’s totally on your to-do list. You’ll deal with it when _______

  • the kids are older
  • you have more time
  • you have more energy
  • you have more confidence
  • you have more resources
  • your fairy godmother appears

But time’s passing and the fairy godmother has yet to make her grand appearance. Which leaves you — and your stress levels — right back where you started.

Isn’t there something you can do BEFORE blood, sweat, and tears are shed?

Answer = So much YES.

“Liba helps you be the mom you want to be”

Liba gives you the tools to begin answering the tough questions and get to the bottom of why you respond the way you do when you become overwhelmed with motherhood. Ultimately, she helps you find and develop strategies to be the mom you want to be.

— Chana, Mother of 5

You can “do it right,” right now

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and there are as many ways to “do parenting right” as there are parents in the world.

But! After working with hundreds of struggling moms, here’s what I can tell you for sure.

Successful parenting is NOT about stuffing yourself with years’ worth of knowledge. 

It’s NOT about reading books till your eyeballs pop out, or learning how to be the scariest possible disciplinarian. 

It IS about 2 main things:

number 1 in a circle GREEN


...with yourself

  • Accepting yourself as you are
  • Understanding your big emotions so you can deal with them effectively
  • Recognizing, acknowledging, and advocating for what YOU want and need (too!)

...with your kids

  • Creating a strong, connected relationship with your kids
  • Understanding their unique emotional needs
  • Giving them space to grow, thrive, and be themselves
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…before it takes over

  • Getting to the root of your triggers
  • Developing deep self-awareness 
  • Making conscious parenting choices
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“I teach moms the skills to change their interpretation of their kids’ behaviors and move past their automatic responses. Other parenting experts focus on changing the children’s behavior. I focus on changing the mom’s mindset.”

“Liba’s approach is so real — it’s beautiful, and it works”

The beauty of Liba’s approach is that it’s extremely empowering. It says we’re having a hard time because there’s something going on with us. Something we can work through and overcome. It’s never about, “You should get over that so you can be there for your kids.” There’s never any guilt. It’s so real, and it’s beautiful, and it works. 

— Adina, Mother of 3

“I’m able to connect with my kids on a level I didn’t even know existed”

Since working with Liba, my relationships are better, with my kids and with myself. I’m able to connect with my kids on a level I didn’t even know existed. I didn’t know this was how you’re supposed to do it. I didn’t know it was there. 

— Robin, Mother of 2

Whoops! Have we met?

Liba circle transparent6

I’m Liba Lurie — psychologist, parenting expert, and mom of four. I’ve been working in private practice since 2009 and specializing in helping overwhelmed and over-caffeinated moms since 2012. 

I’m allergic to anything




And I always strive to be 100% 




My secret superpower?

I create an uber safe space for you to let it allllll hang out, while gently guiding you forward on your path. No shame, blame, or mom-guilt. Only compassion, empathy, and wisdom informed by both knowledge and experience. 

What I can do for with you

When we work together, I’m 100% on deck. I’m there for — and with — you on your journey. So you know you’re never alone. The result? Empowerment. Self-awareness. And a profound sense of confidence in your parenting. 

1-on-1 Support

Perfect if you’re looking to: 

- Uncover root issues

- Heal old wounds

- Overcome knee-jerk responses 

Courses & Programs

Perfect if you’re looking to: 

- Build your toolkit

- Learn experientially

- Access course resources for life

Membership Community

Perfect if you’re looking to: 

- Connect with like-minded moms

- Get expert guidance

- Learn how to nurture lasting relationships with your kids

“From guesswork — to direction and confidence”

Before Liba’s program, I felt like a blind person trying to figure things out as they came. I was putting out fires all the time. Now, I have a sense of direction — a system to follow. That gives me confidence that even if I don’t know exactly what to do, it’s going to be fine. And more than that, I learned that it doesn’t have to be my job to always be putting out fires. It’s not about solving what’s happening at each given moment. It’s about relationships.

— D. H., Mother of 3

I’ve helped over 500 moms — myself included — become calmer, more confident parents.

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