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Do You Feel Overwhelmed by Life with Kids?

  • Feeling burnt out?
  • Feeling lost in all the parenting advice out there?
  • Do you keep losing your cool?
  • Do you struggle with how to resond to your kids?
  • Do you wonder if you are doing a good job?
  • Are you worried how your reactions are effecting your kids development?
  • Are you feeling totally overwhelmed?
  • Need practical tools, support and guidance?

You can feel confident that you're doing a good job in life with kids!

When I became a mom, I felt lost and overwhelmed. There was nothing more I wanted than to be a calm, sensitive and loving parent, but I couldn't get a handle on my knee jerk reactions and respond the way I knew I should. I felt lost and alone, and had no idea how to make sense of it all. Then I figured out the fundamental tools that I still use today to figure out what's really going on for me, and my kids, so I can keep my cool, respond thoughtfully and take joy in my day-to-day interactions with my kids.

I've shared my ideas and methods to hundreds of moms over the past 7 years and now I'm making it all available to you so that you can learn everything you need to know to stay calm, feel confident and enjoy life with kids

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" Liba is a wise and helpful voice in the world. Her generosity and warmth are palpable and you can feel in her voice how important your best interests are to her. Thank you, Liba "



Understand Why You Lose It


Figure Out Why Your Kids Act the Way They Do


Enjoy Loving and Lasting Relationships with Your Kids

Liba Lurie

Life with kids is hard. There's no such thing as perfect but you can learn how to respond to your kids calmly, even when things get crazy.

You can learn how to build meaningful relationships with your kids and raise them to be content, competent, and capable adults. With some practice, patience and my guidance, you can enjoy life with kids.

" Liba gives you the tools to begin answering the tough questions and get to the bottom of why you respond the way you do when you become overwhelmed with motherhood, and ultimately, she helps you find and develop strategies to be the mom you want to be. "


There's No Time Like the Present

The Time is Now

How often do you wish you didn't feel so overwhelmed and out of control? How many opportunities of growth and connection are you missing out on? How much do your kids mean to you? What is your relationship with them worth? What would you give to raise content and considerate kids? A lack of understanding and the right tools might be costing you your most valuable asset.

Get your questions answered! 

Join the Motherhood in the Making Community for

LIVE trainings and ongoing support

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