It's not just you, Mama.

It takes a freaking village!

I'm here to help.

My story

My story as a mom started long before I had my four kids. 

But I didn’t know that at the time.

All I knew back then was that I was full of hopes and dreams of what motherhood could, should, and would be.


And yet somehow, once I actually became a mother...

Daily life fell, er, slightly short of expectation,

Whenever my kids pushed my buttons, I would go Jekyll/Hyde on them and transform into someone I barely recognized (and hoped I’d never have to face again).

What was happening to my relationships with my kids? And with myself!?

Most nights, I was embarrassed to replay my day in my head


The more our family grew, the heavier my heart became.

By the time my fourth kid was born, it was impossible to ignore that I was struggling.


  • Didn’t have anywhere to turn
  • Was afraid of being misunderstood and judged
  • Felt like no one could properly support or guide me

I knew I couldn’t be the only one

Surely other moms out there were also feeling as overwhelmed and isolated as I was. 

And I wanted to help. 

I started mining deep within myself and scouring psych data and theory for clues. 


That led to close to a decade of research, clinical experience, and personal trial and error. Until finally, I made sense of my early experiences and integrated my growth into my own parenting.

I formulated the 5-step method that guides my work until today.

And it worked!

This was BIG. (A welcome relief.)

Big changes, big results

At first, there were still times when I snapped at my kids, but it was somehow less devastating. Over time, I found myself becoming


  • critical of my flaws
  • ashamed of myself
  • reactive to my kids

and MORE...

  • compassionate
  • self-aware
  • forgiving
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And my kids felt it, too.

I noticed them becoming more:

  • cooperative
  • playful
  • loving

We started to enjoy being together and sharing moments of connections amidst the chaos of daily life.

Today, I take pride in my relationships with my kids. I feel present and connected and, even when things get crazy, I am confident I’m doing a good job.

And I'm not the only one.

The women I have the honor of supporting on their journey of discovery, repair, growth and connection report the same experience. It's amazing to witness.

Is the road to confident, connected parenting uncomfortable? Sure.

Messy? Indeed.

But moms who’ve gotten to the other side agree: It’s 100% worth it!

Me in a nutshell

Hover over the walnut!

Beliefs I live (and work) by

Raising kind, content, and capable kids doesn’t happen by accident. I believe parents owe it to their kids to:

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No shame — we all have our sh*t

Give your kids the upbringing they deserve, without any hidden expectations, automatic reaction patterns, or baggage.

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AKA you matter too!!

Taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being is the secret behind joyful, fulfilling, non-resentful relationships with your kids.

My practice is built on core values


You’re not looking for a parenting coach. Which is perfect, because I’m not one! I’m a psychologist with rigorous academic training under my belt. My work is always grounded in data and proven psychological methods.


No topic’s off limits when we work together. I create emotional safety for you to get raw and uncover the root causes of your parenting struggles. Zero judgment. Zero blame. Only heaps of support.


I’d never preach something I don’t practice myself. I don’t just TEACH my 5-step framework or my dedication to building loving and lasting relationships. I live and breathe them. Every single day.


I’m no newbie. I’ve been helping moms in my private practice for well over a decade. And guess what? I pump all of those years of psychological insights and wisdom right into my work with you.


I’m not your superior, dictating orders from my armchair. I’m your partner in this process. I’m passionate about helping you and your kids thrive, and you’ll feel that right from our first meeting.


Keeping it real doesn’t have to mean keeping it heavy. Some hard-to-digest truths are made a little easier with a spoonful of sugar, and a good belly laugh. I look for ways to bring that sense of lightness and ease into all my work. 


None of this in theory business. I’m all about practical, useful, and down-to-earth. I use real examples from YOUR life to gently guide you towards reaching your goals, step by step.

“How do I know if we’re a good fit?”

A parenting course, coach, or general psychologist might be great options for some, but that’s not who I am or what I do. Let’s make sure your needs align with what I offer.

We’re a PERFECT fit if:

  • You’re open to putting in effort, when the results will be lasting and long-term
  • You’re seeking a safe environment to dig deep, uncover your root issues, and heal
  • You’re willing to explore and honor the role your past plays in your parenting

But we’re probably NOT a great fit if:

  • You’re looking for behavioral hacks or quick fixes
  • You don’t want to look backward in any way, shape, or form — present and future only, please! 
  • You think parenting is just about getting your kids to do what you say

Quick fixes, parenting hacks, and band-aid solutions seemed like a good idea.

That is, until your kids were actually born.

Ready to try an approach that works — and lasts?

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